Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

Nearing the end of this set, in fact this is the last post of ANS 12.

The puzzle variation backs.

And the other variations backs. Some are coupon backs, and the rest are Billboard backs.

The last sticker in the set.

The only inserts I have from this set. I'm not chasing them, but when I see one I pick it up.


  1. Oh man. My niece loves Elmo. Lol. She'd freak out if I ever showed her Big Thug Elmo.

  2. Did you ever build or as in my case attempt to build the recent baseball version of these? If so do you have any extras as I am still missing some, and would love to complete the things

    1. I did complete it. I posted the whole set a few months back, when it was first released.