Saturday, October 21, 2017

Birth Year 1966 Topps trip cards

Yep, I'm old(er) than many of you. Turned 51 last month, and damn if I don't look good, lol. Okay, now that the fun is over let's look at something that really looks good for being 51 years old.

Okay, that Brock is a tad bit off center (but normal for a 51 year old), Mantle has a crease, again normal (wrinkles happen), Phil is showing that age eventually shows up, and heck the checklist is just all marked up.

We can see that the original owner of that checklist had all first 88 cards, lol.

and all the boxes checked again for Series 3.

I'm betting that all the checklists were complete for this guy.

I beginning to think that all though I'd prefer a completely unmarked checklist, they still look pretty good all filled in too.

I am biased when it comes to the 66' set, but who can deny just an all around classic great looking set. I know many would like some action shots like turning two, but..........

Have a great weekend!


  1. Based on most of the year's that you have already shown from this lot, I'm kind of surprised to the Mantle and Koufax here in this group.

  2. Wow, those are some big names. Happy birth year to you.

  3. Nice... I have one 1966 card and am looking for one more.
    The one I'm looking for might be a tough one for me.. lol Fergie Jenkins.
    Nice cards! I'm doing the same with my birth year...

  4. Nice cards, youngster! Like the Koufax.

    Very impressed with the checklist marking. That wasn't a kid collecting those cards.

  5. Great bunch of cards here! Happy belated Birthday.

  6. Hey, I turned 51 last month, too! Don't have nearly this many 66 cards, though...

  7. Any Mantle from his playing days is awesome

  8. The design is simple, but clean and pleasing. I like it.

  9. Wow. Whoever marked those checklists did an outstanding job. He/she was very dedicated.