Wednesday, October 25, 2017

1968 Topps trip cards

Nothing like a little siesta. That's not true, there are lots of things as good as a siesta. But, it was a nice 2 day break. Congrats go out to the Dodgers for their win last night.

There were many 68's in the boxes, so you'll have to look at them 9 at a time. Did Dan see a pretty girl walk by?

I already had that CUP in the Trophy Cup binder, so this one fits nicely in the set build.

That Astros/ Coly 45s Rookie Stars card will definitely have to be upgraded.

I recognize a couple of those names.

Lum wil have to be upgraded.

Another cup.

I was able to add 79 68's to the set build, of course some of these are marked for upgrades.


  1. That Dave Duncan card is the only one of his I have, since they don't make very many pitching coach cards.

  2. I really like the burlap, in both the original 68s and this year's heritage. My favorite here is the cool row featuring Yaz's Triple Crown League Leader cards.

    Also, it's funny that didn't remember that Carlton was a Cardinal. That card surprised me.

  3. I'm still sad for kids who collected in 1968.

  4. Darrell Brandon and Joe Foy. Both PC guys

  5. I like the design of '68, though too many photos of hatless guys and blacked-out hats.

  6. This lot was loaded with stars. I really like the league leader cards... especially the two that feature three hall of famers each. That' Manager's Dream card is cool too.

  7. 1968 - such a wild year, such bland baseball cards