Wednesday, November 1, 2017

1975 Topps trip cards. Game 7

Can't wait to finish this post and turn on FOX!

I already had that Yount in the Birthday Binder PC, this one slides into the set build with these other great names. Getting closer to completing the base, but the minis has a long way to go.

Game 7....


  1. Another great selection of players!

  2. Far and Awaaaaaaaaaaay my favorite set. I can't look at a selection of '75 cards without smiling.

    (Thanks for the pick up on a very sad day, by the way)

  3. I'm down to 4 cards in that set myself. If you have doubles of Brett, Carter, Hernandez, or Madlock and want trade, let me know.

    1. My dupes are back home in FL. I'm pretty sure I have dupes of carter, hernandez, and Madlock. No extra Brett though.

  4. George Foster looks so skinny, and not many home runs at that point either. Yet two years later he hit 50 home runs.

  5. Big fan of 75T. That's one of my favorite Topps base cards of Lefty. Great action shot.

  6. Great set, great cards. I never collected this set because it was before my time, but it is definitely iconic in my mind.