Friday, October 27, 2017

1970 Topps trip cards

New decade today. I already had a good bit of 70's to start with, but I was able to throw in a few more cards out of those 2 boxes from that horrible trip. You remember that trip, right?

I see that mark.

Slightly stained.

Go figure clean card, lol.

Maz is in decent shape.

Creased, and there 2 of these. You'll have to wait to see the other one.

This back is great!

The Captain.

Nice, 2 different Aaron's for the set build.

Okay, so I added 8 cards, but 7 of those puppies were big check offs.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats on checking that notoriously difficult to get Mike Andrews off the list :)

  2. Gibby's missing his right border. It looks odd.

  3. That was just by horrible cropping skills at work.

  4. This may be the best collection of talent on these posts so far.

  5. Lots of big names here. Good score.

  6. I'm more of an action shot kind of guy... but I like Mazeroski's kneel shot. Lol... and it looks like the photographer caught Hank off guard on his base card.

  7. Never saw the Aaron card before. Great card.