Friday, October 13, 2017

1958 Topps trip cards

Rolling along. There were several 58's that I needed, nearly 3 dozen!

And most are in really good shape.

Lots of cartoons for y'all to check out.

Love how the stats are listed.

The center piece was a nice addition.

How can you not like the cartoon on Kaline's card.

Creased right down the middle.

Had it in the Braves team set already, so this worked out great for the set build.


  1. Vada Pinson vastly underrated. Love the Bauer

  2. This is a really solid group. Outside of the obvious couple of stars, the Dick Drott is my favorite.

  3. Nice haul. More needs to be written about Vito Valentinetti.

    1. He is a birthday binder guy for me sharing my birthday 9/16, lol. Vito has 11 items listed with Beckett. 3 Cards by Topps:
      57 #74 Cubs, 58 #463 Tigers, 59 #44 Senators. Vito also had a 58 Senators team isse, 59 ad panel (with Ken Lehman), and 3 cards in 08 Heritage, one being a 59 buyback, the other two autos.

    2. Love, love, love the cartoon using the fact that he answers the bullpen phone. Would hate to see what the next option was. B^)

  4. I've never been much of a '58 Topps fan, but you gotta love the logos on the front and cartoons on the back!

  5. I don't think I've ever sat back and appreciated the 58T card backs. Wow. They're spectacular. Gonna need to pull my binder of the shelf and flip through the handful of 58's that I have.

  6. Is that Felix Mantilla really in as good a condition as it looks in the scan? If so, that's incredible. Also, I immediately recognized the Elvin Tappe. It's the only 58 I own and is currently the oldest card in my collection.

  7. Though the cards are still beautiful, the blank backgrounds must have been a disappointment to collectors after the full-color '57s.