Monday, September 29, 2014

A Monday "mini"

I absolutely have a lot of different odd ball "mini collections". One of those (rather three) are my Birthday Binders. One for my birthdate 9/16, one for my daughter Christy 2/25, and one for my daughter Hunter 1/30. In the most recent Just Commons order I picked up a few, with plans on doing an entire order of nothing but.

That middle row is just amazing!. I already expressed hoow I feel about the 1990 Donruss baseball's Best issue. That Blue is my favorite color. The real winner of that row is the Candian Greats 1985 Leaf card, sweet. Also giving note to the top right Raines card, still need another one as that is a "Bunting" card.

These 18 all hit the 9/16 Binder.  I probably should have posted that Binder a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't. We can look forward to 2015 for those Monday mini's to be posted as a whole (probably spread them out over each Monday of January, February, and September.

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