Monday, September 8, 2014

My Heritage

Of course the title is a bit misleading. Today's feature (through the years) is just the Braves base cards that I own from Topps Heritage.

Can't beat two Braves on a league leader card, wait I guess you could with three. Shucks!

 If I seen this guy in a bar, he'd be the last one I'd mess with. just looks like he could hurt you. LOL

A chrome version!

 A nudder chrome.

And a nice way to round out the 2014 Heritage, a chrome refractor of Freddie!

2013 Heritage:  2013 is my favorite Heritage set. The 2014 is my third favorite.

2012 Heritage:

Heritage Minors.

Very nice Rookie Trophy there.

Try looking at this card next to any of his rookie cards. WOW, what a difference.

2011 Heritage. I only have a couple, so I definitely could use some help here. This 2011 set is my second favorite.

2010 Heritage:


This is one of the coolest McCann cards.

2009 Heritage:

2008 Heritage:

Overall, not a bad looking set.

2007 Heritage: Only have four of these so I could use some help, In fact 2002-2007 needs a lot of help. (just the Braves).

2006 Heritage:

2005 Heritage: Just have 2.

2004 Heritage: I only have this one.

I do not have any 2003 or 2002.

I like the 2001 set a lot, and I like the fact the did the black & red back versions. I have no idea why Topps didn't continue that concept, especially with the parallel craze that came to be..........

2001 Heritage Black backs:

2001 Heritage RED backs:

Tomorrow will be a break from the Through the Years. Will be giving away some cards tomorrow.

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