Thursday, September 4, 2014


Wow, it has been a long while since my last post. I found myself at my house the other day with a couple of hours to spare, so I scanned a ton of cards and pocket schedules (skeds). This way I could make some posts while I am at my mother's caring for her. BTW, not much has changed, other than Monday will be 4 weeks straight without going to the hospital, THAT'S PROGRESS! My cousin is coming in from North Georgia to give me a little break. Now, back to the cards, the title of this post is "Through the Years" not the Topps subset as one might think, but a handful of Topps "off" brands or "other" sets than Flagship.

I scanned my A & G, Archives, Gypsy Queen, Heritage, and Opening Day for now. Later I hope to scan the Stadium Club, Chrome, and a few others to continue this series of posts.

Starting off with my 2014 A & G:

Future Hofer?????

him too???

I still hold my ground, with the Crime dog. I hope that the players vote him into the Hall.

Possibly the modern day Chipper, don't know yet. We will see if the Braves can/will hang on to him.

Much deserving Hofer!

No need to say anything here! The TRUE Home Run KING!

Yepper, much deserved Hofer.

Even more so than McGriff, with just 3 dingers short of a shoe in, led the team every bit as much as Chipper did, Come on HOF members vote the guy in!!!!!! A total Class act, (as was McGriff).

 Another Hofer.

Time will tell if this young buck can put some serious numbers up.

Also, another well deserved Hofer! I wish that the old sked I picked up with Glavine on the cover had been a Braves instead of a Mets!


As much as I respected the two sport atheletes (Brian Jordan included, and Bo, and Michael), it was more of a Braves/Falcons thing for me, otherwise I wouldn't have been too interested. I will have to say that I was rooting for Michael to make it in MLB.

Um, yeah. No questioning Knucksie.

Can't wait til the announcement! Smoltz should be a first ballot induction.

Too early to tell with Gattis, but hey he's no slouch either.

Duh. I wonder if Glavine would pretend to be Spahn when he was playing catch in his backyard. LOL.

What is on his mind?

Now for the 2013:

2012 A & G:

2011 A & G:

2010 A & G:

Only have two 2009 Braves, :(

2008 A & G:

2007 A & G (and the last A & G base cards that I have).

I  do have about a dozen or so mini's, and a few other inserts from A & G as well. Just no wheres near having them all. I am sure to post them to by years end with the updates.

Tomorrow I will posting some SKEDS, I picked up several hundred........

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