Saturday, September 6, 2014

Through the Years part two

I hope you folks enjoyed the A & G the other day. Today we will be running through some Gypsy Queen. I don't have too many though.

2014: I picked these up at just commons recently.

line drive over the center field wall, hehe

yeah, I'm throwin this at you bud, hit it... I dare ya

 yep, puttin it right where you can't hit it. (this card would also work well in the "playn dirty" collection. Nothing like a pitcher playing hard on the basepaths (where he got dirty, that is)

look at the ball jump jump jump (awesome grip shot on the ball)

nice fist pump

just a classic ole baseball card shot

here it it comes outside bottom corner, strike

cool throwback

another ole timey feel

 Oh look  BLUE parallels of two of our most recent Hofers

2013: These I opened up from blaster boxes at Wally World

nothing but sincerity in them thar eyes

only a face a mom could love, just kidding knucksie

com'on hit it to me

maybe I got one out, maybe

I definitely got one out.  I know that a lot of people don't like these old Braves uniforms, but they are one of my all time favorites. Oh look this one would also fit into the "playn dirty" collection

Not a great shadow, but could go into the shadow shot file. Hmm, what do you see in the shadow?

Typical Spahn, and another Shadow Shot, this one is pretty neat. What do you see? Maybe if it were upside down?

Some 2012 Love: also from busting Walmart blasters.

Here catch, think fast.

i see a dirty spot on them britches.

I need another one of these for my bunt binder. Maybe a playn dirty too. JK, I do want one for the Bunt Binder though.

Eh, playn dirty again.

Would have been nice had Topps thrown in some "stirred up" dust for this one.

Good dirt!

What does Johnny have in his pocket?

last but not least, the only FOUR 2011s that I have.

Definitely would make the  playn dirty. Great dirt!

Part three up next, cya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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