Thursday, September 25, 2014

Question.. Question.....Question.....

I recently picked up this sheet (#4 of 4) of sealed 1983 Fleer stamps on Listia. I bid way too much, but I wanted them or at least the Murphy stamp which is lined up in the first spot on the unperforated sheet. What I did not know, was it was sealed in the original package and you can not see the rest of the stamps. I needed the Murphy for my Braves needs, but what if there are more? Do I open it up and see who else is in there? Or do I leave it alone, and just be happy with the Murph? LMK....

I really like the trivia at the top of each stamp.

Normally I would not buy these $1.00 repacks. My mom needed some AAA batteries so I ran into the Dollar Tree and I DO LOOK at the cards while I am there.

This was the front card which is why I bought the pack. I knew I needed that Niekro.

I also got the Cabrera above which I also needed and didn't know it. Brave #2

Brave #3, had it.

Brave #4, had it too.

Needed this one for one of the Birthday binders.

Great card, I grew up watching  Bonds, Bonilla, and Bell (all with the Pirates- The Killer Bs) tearing up the National League. I did not know that Bonilla was a rookie for the ChiSox.

Hey, we all have this one, but Mint condition for a nickel.

This Gwynn is cool, and turns out fits in with my Gwynns, lol. Some might even put with their bat Barrels. Again, another great nickel.

Gold Winner card, and its a Rookie Trophy card too.

That odd shaped Shadow was worth the pull. For some reason, I think of Mr. Krabbs from Sponge Bob, a show that I thoroughly hated.

Minor League.

1988 insert card.

I was happy with the buck spent, not that I couldn't have done better on just commons. 12 of 19 cards were okay. Yes I only got 19 as they slipped in another one of these into the pack.

The following cards as a surprise PWE from OCTer Chuck Bosshardt.

Chen International, sorry for the horrible scan.

Awesome Pendleton card.  I needed 5 of the 6 chuck sent me.

I should have a 200+ card order coming in from Just Commons in the next day or two, will get them scanned as soon as I get them.

Later Gators!


  1. Personally, I think the key is what do want to do with the stickers? Do you want to look at a sealed package, do you want to look at the full sheet out of the package, or do you want to liberate the Braves from the package and put them in the collection somewhere? No right or wrong.

  2. I think I would open it. Even if you don't separate the stamps. You still would get four full sheets to display