Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just Common" ly filling in some gaps

Previously, I had mention about a 200 card order that I placed with Just Commons. I got them in yesterday. As much as I would like to show all of them today, I am not. But you will still get to see many of them.

Just showing 9 of these 1985 Leaf. This team set is now down to just one #222.  I even managed to grab an extra Washington Leaf DK for the Diamond Kings Binder that I am building and will scan those up soon as this order came with close to fifty of them. Put a big dent in that binder for sure, again that is for another post.

Again, just showing 9 of these 1996 Donruss. Still need four more for this team set (131, 288, 298, 468). Not Donruss' best design. I have one DK 15 Maddux, for the team set, but still need another for the DK Binder.

Picked up nearly the whole team set (1995 Donruss), but still need #54, and (2) DK 22. Nice spin on the Rated Rookie cards, it's different anyway. I actually prefer the traditional Rated Rookie "logo".

Grabbed those three 1985 Donruss to get that set down to just one #287.  The two 1992 Studio brings that set down to just one more #137, also need the preview #8 as well.  That Glavine  "grip shot"reminds me of Ethan (Playing with my Cards). In case your reading Ethan, I hope all is well and looking brighter. 1994 Donruss set is now down to two #s 453, 613.

As much as I dislike the base 1990 Donruss set, I absolutely love these Donruss Baseball's Best from 1990, and this is now completed!

Three Golds!  Knocked one more off the 1981 Donruss set, now down to three more cards. The 1983 Donruss set is now completed with the four cards above. 1984 Donruss is down to just 4 more.

Some Topps Opening Day goodness from 2011 completing the base, and grabbing two blue .
parallels.  Grabbed the 2 base 2013 Finest and the Freeman Refractor. When looking at the 2 Freeman cards in hand, it is hard to tell the difference, seriously. But, the Scan came out out fantastic!

2013 Gypsy Queen down to four more. 2014 Opening Day complete, plus one of the BLUEs.

I still need a slew of the 2013 A & G, base, minis, you name it.

That's a wrap.

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  1. That '96 Maddux is a pretty cool looking shot. I always liked the '95 Donruss set, save for the nameplates which are hard as hell to read. '83 Joe Torre is pretty swell as well - I believe that's what we call "chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool."