Thursday, June 7, 2018

The swap outs are......

Bo chimed in on #28, which is the stack of CUBS media guides that I posted a few weeks ago.

Once a Cub grabbed #9 which is

stack 2 of the vintage girlie cards.

Jon snagged #4

which was the girlie stack #1.

Julie pops in for #14

Bam Bam! Winfield RC.

Here is the list of all prizes:

What didn't go:

#12: another stack of Kellogg's

#22: another 70's vintage stack with a 1960 Alou

#24: a Trout stack.

I hope y'all had fun.

Before I package the prizes up, if any of y'all are working a swap of prizes with each other, lmk I can send them directly and save y'all shipping. I am heading home for a week and plan on mailing the prizes out after I get back. so lmk.

This is the BFG BONUS round

The first 4 contestants to comment below with 1 of the remaining unused numbers will get to swap out their prize for that of the new number. Only 1 person per number and 1 choice per person. There are 5 good prizes in those numbers and 2 that are so so.

The remaining numbers are: 4, 9, 12, 14, 22, 26, 28.

jafronius picks 15, another of my favorite numbers

and the prize is.....

An All Star Pirates Patch.

That was a heck of a round 2.  Congrats on all of the winners.

Next post I will list the 7 unrevealed numbers and will allow the FIRST 4....FOUR contestants to comment to trade out of their current prizes.

HINT: there are 2 so so prizes that didn't get picked and the other 5 are pretty decent prizes.

I should be posting it between 6-8 pm EST tonight.

I missed my D- Day post

Missed this one yesterday. Sorry, not to mention any cards I have recognizing D-Day are back home. We'll have to do it right next year.

Jafronius is taking the last at bat.

Will he hit a walk off homer? We'll see......

Matt K pulls some

#20 nets some vintage 60's , but they have writing on them.

The Felipe does not have any writing. There are 34 60's cards in this lot.

Matt K is up to bat and Jafronius is on deck

last 2. After these picks are made. I will at sometime this evening make a post calling for the first 7 comments to pick from the remaining numbers (I will put in the new post) allowing them to trade out. First come first serve.