Thursday, April 19, 2018

A short one

At the show I added a few more Trophy Cup card needs.

Santo was a big one for me, I still need 2 more copies.

A pair of 69's.  I am down to just a handful of needs mostly 1969.

1960: COMPLETE   

1961 Topps: 559.   Gentile       

1962: COMPLETE               

1963 Topps: NEED 398.    Boog            

1964 Topps: NEED 125.     Pete Rose            

1965 Topps: NEED 55, 340, 460.    Congliaro, Oliva, Allen 

1966 ToppsNEED 460, 505.    Blefary, Cardenal

1967: COMPLETE              

1968: COMPLETE              

1969 ToppsNEED 90, 95, 237, 361x pending, 380, 402, 464 (YELLOW), 630.     

1970 ToppsNEED 645.    Money

1971: COMPLETE    

1972: COMPLETE    NEED UPGRADE 690       Montanez 

1973-1975: COMPLETE    

1976: COMPLETE   NEED UPGRADE 50x      Lynn



1979 Topps: (NO MORE CUPS ON CARD FRONT UNTIL 1987)116, 586, 681.   Ozzie, Horner, 
1980-1982: COMPLETE

1983 ToppsNEED 49 mcgee    

1984-2004: COMPLETE

2005 Topps: 418.    Sledge

2006 - 2015: COMPLETE

                2010 Topps: 450B, 508B, 653B (UPDATED VERSIONS OF BASE HAS THE SILVER (LOOKS MORE WHITE) TROPHY CUP).     ****** pending a box coming in*******



2018: HAVE 1, 18, 42, 118, 285, just waiting on June 2018 for Series 2.

Any help with the needs would be great!

Also grabbed up this 73 Kellogg's from my fav dealer at the show. I still have a quite a bit from him to show yet.

These two took a bite out of my pocket. I regret it, I paid way too much for these. I just threw 2 more of each in my comc cart for what I paid for just 1 of the above.  Still kicking myself. I know next trip in this guy isn't getting any of my business.

Have a great night.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I dare you

I dare you to come nearby (1st Saturday every month), and I'll take you to see my dealer buddies.  Here are the Braves I grabbed up this last trip.

A little beat up, but I'll live with it.  1950 Bowman.

A pair of 53 Bowman color.

A trio of 1954 Bowman Braves.

Mix in a little modern. On card auto and "red" relic jersey of Chipper. Yeah that card just doesn't like right in any way. Black shirt and cap with red relic definitely needs the logos here.

Ultra Chipper's.

Another auto and relic.

How's that for super sizing it. LOL.

Have a great night.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Say What???????

I grabbed MOST of these goodies from a different vendor.

That 52 Topps, 53 Bowman Rizzuto, and the 2 54 Bowmans came from my favorite vendor. The rest came in a monster box (3000 count) box of vintage. Nice thick stack of 58's & 59's. Most of these suckers are in great shape too.

All of the vintage was in top loaders, so there weren't 3K cards. Also noting that several hundred were 1970-71 Basketball, and the same for some 50's and 60's Football.  But still, look at the size of the stack of 61's, and that stack of 60's ain't shabby.  There is a Whitey Ford among those 60's that came from the other vendor (my fav). There were 3 of the Alou's too.

Huge stack of 65's.

There were fair amount of 69's, but the rest of these are thin.

Good chunk of 74's.

and 76's & 77's.

Fat stack of 1980 too. I dropped 2 Benjamin's for the vintage box, and though there weren't a lot of super stars there were some and 95% of the cards were EX, albeit the 65's were VG. Not bad at apx. a dime a piece.

That's all for today folks, plenty more to see so y'all come back now ya hear.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

2018 Dime Box

Before I headed off to Jax 9 days ago I had stated one goal of this trip was to score the unwanted 2018's. Done.

This is a close up of the very tiny writing on top of the shoebox (1500 ct) box. Now you might think that okay all commons and you would be wrong. You see, this comes from my favorite show vendor all any show. He pulls Yankees and Cubs, most of the time, and the rest including SP's, inserts, and parallels all go into the box, and I buy the whole full box for $25.00, (sometimes $10.00).

See, there's GQ Ohtani for a dime well, if you had been there. I'm quite sure that I paid .05 cents or less per card on this box , it wasn't completely full.  LOL. 

But plenty of 2018 Topps, Donruss, and Heritage (not that I'm building that set). Would up only needing a few Topps that I've ordered with CardBarrel to finish up series 1, still need a small handful of Donruss, and I pulled the heritage for my PC's. There was even a handful of GQ and Opening Day. Looks like he busted a blaster of each.

I didn't crop this $10.00 "dime box". 2014-2017. However 95% of it was 2015 & 2016, which didn't bother me as I still needed some. I now need just 3 2015 Topps 315, 616, 617. And 2016 I now need 438, 464, 504, 544, 585, 609, 650, 686 plus update 93.  Either someone can trade me those or I can hit up the cardbarrel again. LOL.

That's a big stack of (modern day for the most part) Hank Aaron. Mainly those reprints , close to all of them plus some others that I needed.

A nice stack of Jeter's. Gold Medallion on top.

2 stacks of Mantle all modern of course, still not cheap though.  I also grabbed some Ted Williams and DiMaggio's. i didn't scan those. A little smaller stack of each.

I spent 3 Benji's with this guy this trip. Loaded up with some great stuff in addition to the cards above. More to come in a later post. And a couple of the future show posts' hope to convince Gavin to some more customs, even though I haven't made a list yet.

Have a great night!


Me personally, I love leftovers. Seems like it's always better the next day too. Including that 1/3 of the steak you bring home from the restaurant. Yes, microwaved steak doesn't have to tough, just wrap it fully in a lettuce leaf and zap it. It will actually be more tender than it was right off of the grill.
The leftovers in the title though are baseball cards specifically some "leftover" oddballs I didn't show yet.

These are from the Ebay lot of oddball Braves stuff.

More Lykes cards.

Have a great night!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Once upon a Cubbie

Matt of Once a Cub fame started a new blog about 2018 Topps opening Day. Matt bought and busted a case. He sent out team sets to all who followed plus gave away a couple of sets. I got my Braves, plus a few more.

 My 2018 Opening Day Braves. Plus 2 inserts.

Matt also sent along these Braves that I needed.

And these two were needed as well.

Now Matt also was trying to hit my "Original Franken-Set" 

 #654, now being occupied by Mr. HOF Joe Torre.

#800 with Mr Future possible HOFer maybe Andruw Jones.

Now the next two, do hit the numbers needed, but a slight problem.

My Franken-Set Braves binder is strictly all extras, and although I have these 2 in the team set already (I just need #28 Chipper for that) I still needed them in the set build, which is where these two are headed, but not to sigh as I've placed them in my CardBarrel cart to take care of this problem. So, Matt technically hit that binder 4x.  Thank you.

Have a great night.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

ComC part 2: Hank Aaron additions

The second part of my last ComC order were all Hank Aaron cards. I had planned on posted these Sunday the 8th in honor of that special Day for #715, but alas I didn't post.

And no longer imprisoned.

The 75' is a mini. The 2017 is a SP.

More recent cards, but needed none the less.

Thats' all folks. Well, for tonight anyway. I picked up a handful of Aarons at last weekend's card show too.

Have a great night!