Sunday, June 24, 2018

Shadow Shots

Been a while since we've done one these.

I see a cartoon dog, one of those mean junkyard dogs and he's growling.


The Mad bear makes another appearance.

Too lean to be another bear, so how about a sprinter just before the gun starts the race.

Have a great night!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Just when you thought you had everything from 1990

Hmm....1990 and Topps. I thought I had it all, but nope. More in a minute.

I still need addresses for Once a Cub, Wilson, and Matt Pederson.

Back to 1990 Topps. Do you have it all? I thought I did until fellow OCTer Bob D'Angelo sent me this.

The back view.

The first pages inside were Dodgers. They throw some trivia out and then you're supposed to get the correct sticker and place it in the book/album.

Of course I'll show the Braves pages.

There is even trivia for the logos and equipment.

Lots and lots of pages of stickers. As a team collector, this posed a problem.

A nice cheat sheet too.

To remedy the team problem, I took a scrapbook page cutter and cut the stickers down the horizontal lines, then individually as needed. I also grabbed my PC guys too. Many of you team collectors will wind up with "your" stickers eventually.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

A whole bunch of Thanks!

I'm back in Valdosta after a terrible trip back home. I want to thank everyone who participated in the the BFG. I also have a slew of thanks to hand out to those who've sent me cards over the last two weeks. I scanned a couple of lots before I left the rest I am acknowledging here....right now. Thanks go out to Len and Kevin from OCT. Thanks go to fellow bloggers Tom T for a stack of Braves, Jim (GCRL) for some Braves, Bert from Swing & a Pop up, Kenny (ZZ), and the few I scanned from Bob D (OCT) showing those tomorrow and tonight's feature from Nick (dimebox).

The first time I seen these was a few weeks ago when Nick posted them. Now I need to find the rest of the set.

All Braves needs.

A couple for the PC and no idea on the Gwosdz.

These make the PC. I do have a QUESTION though. With the brown back Hostess, why is it brown?

2 more for the PC and 2 more needed Braves. Thanks Nick, and again to all of those mentioned above for the cards as well as those in the BFG.

I do still need addresses for: John Sharp, RAZ, Once a Cub, and Wilson. I also need Matt Pederson's addy. Hit me up guys.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The swap outs are......

Bo chimed in on #28, which is the stack of CUBS media guides that I posted a few weeks ago.

Once a Cub grabbed #9 which is

stack 2 of the vintage girlie cards.

Jon snagged #4

which was the girlie stack #1.

Julie pops in for #14

Bam Bam! Winfield RC.

Here is the list of all prizes:

What didn't go:

#12: another stack of Kellogg's

#22: another 70's vintage stack with a 1960 Alou

#24: a Trout stack.

I hope y'all had fun.

Before I package the prizes up, if any of y'all are working a swap of prizes with each other, lmk I can send them directly and save y'all shipping. I am heading home for a week and plan on mailing the prizes out after I get back. so lmk.

This is the BFG BONUS round

The first 4 contestants to comment below with 1 of the remaining unused numbers will get to swap out their prize for that of the new number. Only 1 person per number and 1 choice per person. There are 5 good prizes in those numbers and 2 that are so so.

The remaining numbers are: 4, 9, 12, 14, 22, 26, 28.

jafronius picks 15, another of my favorite numbers

and the prize is.....

An All Star Pirates Patch.

That was a heck of a round 2.  Congrats on all of the winners.

Next post I will list the 7 unrevealed numbers and will allow the FIRST 4....FOUR contestants to comment to trade out of their current prizes.

HINT: there are 2 so so prizes that didn't get picked and the other 5 are pretty decent prizes.

I should be posting it between 6-8 pm EST tonight.

I missed my D- Day post

Missed this one yesterday. Sorry, not to mention any cards I have recognizing D-Day are back home. We'll have to do it right next year.