Thursday, September 20, 2018

Keeping a promise

What promise am I talking about? It doesn't really matter. What does matter is that I am keeping it.

2018 Chronicles:

Box 1 contents: pack by pack.

A Braves card.

Another Braves card, this time Acuna. Funny thing about this Crusades card is that they are going for $15.00 and more on Ebay, and at the same time (the day I bought these 3 boxes) I won a 3 card Acuna lot which included this Crusades card for $3.01 plus $3.50 shipping. Lucky me. Maybe I can get him to sign this one at Sunday's game.

The 3 card Revolution pack.

Box 2 contents: pack by pack.

Donruss and Optic both have cards numbered in sequence (in the Chronicles only) to pick up where the regular "set" ended. Then you have the redemption cards that pick up after them, so for set builders that is tough.

I still need a handful of the "missing numbers for the Donruss set which I'm building, the Optic forget about it.

This Devers is the Cosmic parallel.

Box 3: pack by pack.

Another Donruss down.

Brave #3.

Triple relic , man why couldn't that have been Acuna.

That's all folks. Probably going to take a few days off to get ready for my trip to the ATL.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wesfully Wednesday

Let's see if we can wrap this series up today. Pretty sure that won't be a problem.

All of the cards tonight were Braves dupes, so they automatically go to the set builds.

Nothing wrong with vintage Bowman. Love em, thanks Wes for the box of Braves. I'm still working on some more Smoltz for your buddy.

Have agreat night folks!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dang it N.O.

The infamous Night Owl aka Nite Owl, N.O., and Greg wrote this week about some Heritage High Numbers. I commented last night or the night before (not sure at this very second) that I wasn't going to buy anything but my Braves. Well, my Uncle is ill today and I found myself having to grab some Pedialyte from Walmart. I told myself don't go to the card aisle, but I went anyways hoping to finally see some Panini Chronicles for THIS YEAR (they've had 2017 still on the shelf). Well, they did have the Chronicles, 3 boxes. Likewise, there were 3 blasters of Heritage High Numbers there and 3 value boxes (35 cards).  Dang it, I grabbed the blasters of Heritage and Chronicles.

Box 1 held these keepers/PC guys.

This one came from box 2.

Lastly, this one from box 3.

So far, I was feeling pretty bummed.

This was the only Brave I pulled out of box 1, still bummed.

Box 2 was very Braves friendly including the insert.

Box 3 netted me the rest of Braves base except for the SP 717 Vizcaino. There are also 4 variations for Acuna's and 2 of the SP 717.   Then there are the parallels, feel free to send them all to me.

Happy with Braves turn out, but not $60.00 worth of Happy.

The inserts from box 1 are keepers except for Yelich.

Happy with Rhys, Ryan, and Altuve from box 2.

Box 3: The bottom 2 I'll hang on to. That chrome variation is also a SP. These are the 700 + cards I got in addition to the Cole.

Box 1. I know Vogelbach is not a SP.

Box 2, I'll keep Yu.


So yeah I wasted $60.00 ($50.00 of which was a birthday gift). Dang it NO you put them on my mind, lol.

You folks will have to wait until Thursday to see the Chronicles.

Have a great night.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Dime box additions

No, not cards sent from the famous blogger we all know and love "Nick".

These are cards I pulled out of a dime box for my Braves team needs, each and everyone.

After the card show on the first of the month, I ran over to my Buddy's shop "Showtime Sports".

I spent an hour or so flipping through his dimes boxes (just a few Braves), rather quarter boxes but he does 100 for $10.00, so his dime boxes.

As you can see it isn't hard to find cards I need for my Braves team builds.

Of course, I didn't have my "book" with me, and I'm not about to use technology.

I just guess to whether or not I need the card. I wound up pulling just shy of 500 cards. many of which were duplicates because if I thought I needed it for my Braves, then I most certainly would need it for the set build, and a triplicate if it was a PC guy. And all 4 of the guys I pulled are PC guys.

I still have to remove these 60 cards from the website as Braves needs. The rest I have to check to see if they're needed for my set builds, then to stack in the PC .

Moral of the story it is easy to find cards I need. LOL. Then there is always the high dollar cards which my (modern) collection is absolutely lacking. I just can't spend the bucks on cards like that. I want them, but heck I think the most I've paid for an autograph that is currently in my collection is $2.00, most of the autos I paid a quarter for (bulk of course). I did once buy a certified factory issued Mantle autograph, but I wasn't collecting the Mick at that time or autos, so I traded it to my buddy Bob, the dealer in Ocala. Man, that would be nice to have back.

Any regrets like that for any of you?

Have a great week. I'll be heading to ATL to catch the last regular season home game on Sunday!

Friday, September 14, 2018

The latest latest.

Yes, I meant the double/repeat latest. Because tonight's post is about the "latest" additions to my Braves team set builds with the "latest-2018" cards I've picked up.

Somehow I missed #148 (Inciarte) when filling my cart.

These 4 closeout the base Braves set needs.

Now I only need #343 and 344 Ginter X. Someone please send them to me   :)

Two more Optic base gone, I think I still need one, like #48 or something like that. And wrapping up with a couple more from this year's Chronicles.

Have a great night!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Long time coming and a prison break.

I've waited along time to pull the trigger on a needed Braves team set card.

Obviously, I'm not talking about this card. However, it too is being held captive by this plastic prison.

This is the card that was a long time need. 1982 Fleer ALL HRABOSKY, double error card.

Three versions of this card exist: the correct version showing a height of 5'11", the first error/variation showing a 5'1" height, and this one showing the 5'1" but also mis-spelling the Mad Hungarians' name.  This completes the 1982 Fleer Braves team set for me. Now to break these cards out their respective prisons.

No harm, although that cheesy grading no name grading company is off this most definitely is not a Gem Mint 10.

Again, no harm and free, and is most definitely a NM-MT 8.

Have a great night folks!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wesfully Wednesday

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted the huge haul from Wes. WE still have a ways to go.

Woo Woo!

More vintage.

Wes sent more set build needs too. I'll start them next week (or soon thereafter).