Monday, March 27, 2017

A Post from my "Signing Binder"

I dunno how long these have been sitting in the scan folder.

Gold Medallion version.

Yes, even a footballer. Parallel version.


Backs included too.

Great smile, intent on listening to the fan.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shadow Shots

Working my way back to you babe, oh wait a minute that is a song from decades past. Zip to present day and I'm trying to get back in the ole routine. Here are Shadow shots for you.

A pair of lips (opened mouth of course.

A bear taking a walk.

Got to go with a tiger here.

Looks like something out of "Creature Feature" or the Twilight Zone.

Okay, a little more of a modern day reference here..  The rambunctious mummies from "The Mummy (1 & 2). Modern version with Brendon Frasier.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, March 24, 2017

This is NOT routine!

I've been back in Georgia for a week today. Last week while home I was supposed to meet up with a couple of trading buds, but I had car problems. I got my car back today $420.00.  OUCH! Anyways, one of the guys sent me the medium flat rate box of cards he had for me. I opened it up and started sorting, I was pleased.

Once sorted I started marking off of my paper lists which is my normal routine (then I would go to my xl spreadsheets, and lastly the website. The problem started from the first stack of cards I wanted to get done. 2016 Topps Update.

These 13 cards caused me the most trouble.  First thing that went wrong, was I started marking them off of 2015 instead. Then after fixing the numbers I marked off (completley differnt than the 13 above), went to the correct page 2016, but I marked off cards from the base set and not the Update, so I had to redo those too, before getting it right the third time. Keep in mind here we are not just talking about 13 cards. Bob D (the bud) sent 58 2016 Update. UGGGA! Once all fixed I managed to find a reason to pull another 28 cards for various reasons, for my other collections or other people. All in all I put most of the cards to good use with only 17 for the dupes box.

The rest of the box was filled with greatness. This is just a sampling of the set needs I pulled. Bob sent 111 cards total here whereas I needed only 17, but pulled another 39 for misc. reasons like above.

Bob sent 86 of these which I needed 35 and pulled another 26.

Bob sent 109 of these, needed 57 and all but 5 were pulled for me and others.

72 sent, needed 52 none for the dupe box.

152 sent, needed 51, pulled 64 leaving 17 for the dupe box.

Who says baseball cards can't be educational? These subet cards are the last 50 cards in the base set (151-200) of 2008 UD A Piece of History. Bob sent 36 of the 50 different with plenty of extras.

The above three scans are all part of the 2001 UD Hall of Famers set.

I really enjoyed this box of cards and after the initial hiccup, I fell right back in my normal routine and knocked them out (all 3 steps) with another gliche.

Have a great weekend folks.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A 4 pack?

What is a 4 pack? Is that the awesome abdomen of mine, not a chance. That would take a miracle for me to tighten up those muscles. But I will show you my 4 pack.

Matt from BWTP reached out awhile back and told me he was sending me the high numbered 1966 Topps Braves Olivio and Oliver, OOPS on that one, lol. At least I need this Oliver for the set build. The Olivo completes the team set build, but I do need to replace my Oliver #541 as it is badly creased.

Matt also warned me this high number was coming too. Down to just 7 more 67s to complete the team set.

Matt threw in an extra vintage team card, I'll have to look at that binder next time I'm home to see if it needs upgraded. Matt, thanks!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Special Delivery

I got my 2nd batch of customs from DefGav today. You know the guy, talented enough he should be working the INSERT department at TOPPS.

I had "commissioned" if you will Gavin awhile back for some help with my Names Binder for a few guys/etc that I wanted cards of.

As you can see the Baseball Card Breakdown icon displayed on the backside of the cards. Gavin definitely did some of his best work this go around. Details and all.

Now many of you don't understand why I would ask for such cards, but one day I will be ready to post that binder and these will make total sense then.

Just like the first batch Gavin sent card 8 not a custom.

See, and it's not the real infamous (never laid my eyes on one either) real no name Frank Thomas card.

I'm blown away with the round of customs. I love them.

I actually want a second copy of this one, but with the 9/16 reference on the front somehow. Or maybe in the 81 Fleer design.  That one will fit into MY Birthday Binder 9/16.

Great movie!

Here's the note Gavin threw in. Good and bad. These have been awesome and I may just have to come up with a whole new list..................................I don't want it to end........

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patty's Day

I have tons of cards sitting in stacks back in Florida, yes I made it back to Valdosta today. One such stack is full of Holiday birthday cards. Typically baseball, but all sports are included. I haven't updated the file in at least 2 years, but fortunately I do have some scanned in the file folder for today.

I've even included some cards of players wearing something green on obviously St Patty's Day.

Now for birthdays....

Danny Ainge makes his way into yet another binder. I have Danny in my Topps Rookie Cup binder albeit he didn't have a card produced for that year, and because he is a Trophy Cup guy I have him in my all Topps Cup binder for the guys who were All Star Rookie team members (I collect all of their flagship base Topps cards) crazy I know, another collection that is just sitting in wait until I retire HA. I also have Danny in my Names binder for having trading cards in multiple sports.

I do really have a ton more waiting to be sorted and scanned to add to this file, but really I'm also obtaining and can hardly manage the organizing part.

On a side note.  Happy St. Patricks Day!