Monday, January 2, 2023

Three in One

 The winner last night was: Derek

Now to explain the post title. Technically this post would normally be spread out over three posts and that is self explanatory. 

To start things off it is a couple of days later than I would've normally done these annual posts. Here we go.


A review of this blogs 2022 goals and how I did. For those of you new to reading here, I don't put a lot of difficult tasks upon myself as I like to keep things simple, fun, and doable. I had 6 goals which was up 1 from previous years.

#1) add 3 T206 cards to my collection. A+ as this was accomplished in quick fashion.

#2) get the binders with completed sets back to Ocala. A+. As all of my cards are now back in Ocala. This one could have been a big fail, but I was able to get my cards along with all of my belongings including myself home before the year ended.

#3) start posting my other "franken-sets". F+. Didn't happen.

#4) continue to stay away from retail blasters other than the Topps Holiday (and normally Chronicles). I did pretty good with just buying the Holiday and TSC which was a cheat for Christmas so I give it a pass too. B+.

#5) clear the stacks of cards all over the place (at my Uncle's). that too coinsides with #2. A+

#6) make at least 209 post this year so that I could hit the milestone of 2,500 blog posts. Again an easy A+. I finished 2022 with 2,545 posts. (half of the Owl's accomplishment this past year......Now if I only had half of his views. LOL.

I give myself an overall A. Readership is up slightly thanks to the giveaways no doubt, but still fantastic as we all want to have views and comments. It is rewarding. So I say thank you to the faithful. WE still have a couple hundred more giveaway days to go.

Now on to the next POST

#2: The 2023 BLOG goals. As per my usual not too difficult. Here they are:

1) Get my collections organized. Yes this will be hard as I have to build onto my home, and that in an of itself is a waiting game. But the only way I get to my cards and play with them, look at them, and add to them is by doing this task. Alone this goal if met (better be) will earn an A+ no matter what else I do or don't do.

2) add at least 1 T206 card to my collection (hopefully a Brave).

3) for the third year in a row attempt to get the other Franken-Sets organized and started at least 1 of the remaining 4 I have. 

4) as per usual these last several years layoff of retail blasters with the exception of the Holiday. Who knows if they will even be released this year.

There you have it. Just 4 (makes up for the 6 last year). My focus will of course be on #1 which is scary and exciting at the same time.

For the last post which I would normally do on Jan. 1st, however I typically don't post on the weekend at least not the last few years with a rare exception. (This means I'll be a day or two late again next year too). I am officially calling it quits on posting the baseball players who have January 1 as a birthday. That's right, no cards it's done. I've even deleted the scanned file. 

# in 1 all done too.

Also noting the giveaway rules as I do once a month just in case someone new jumps in.


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Comment on each post before midnight the same night (EST). Simple I know.

Have a great night and hope this is great year for all of us.


  1. Looking forward to helping those frankesets once they get off the ground!

    1. Oh they are already pretty solid, I actually started them nearly 10 years ago.

  2. Congrats on getting your goals accomplished. Can’t remember if I posted goals for 2022, I’ll have to check.
    The house addition sounds fun once it’s complete. Are you doing it yourself or having someone else do it? Any plans for bookshelves so you can store everything in binders? My friend Jim has some nice looking wooden shelves built into a closet with baseball bats holding them up and all his binders stored there. If I ever get a man cave and some money I would totally do my shelves like that.

    1. Wall to wall shelves. Most of the work will be done by professionals, but some will be done by me.

  3. Smart to keep the goals simple and direct. Good luck!

  4. Congratulations to ________. I might be able to help you out on a Frankenset. T206? Sorry. Thanks for being one of the blogs I enjoy reading. An occasional win is a nice bonus.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the blank. I corrected it.

  5. Always good to see goals have been reached! Congrats!

  6. Set card goals every year and fail every time. Here's hoping 2023 is better.

  7. Congrats on the completed goals and good luck with that big goal for this year!

  8. Congrats on the solid 2022 on the blog! Best of luck in 2023.

  9. Good job! I should set some goals...

  10. Congratulations on reaching 2,500 blog posts... and best of luck on reaching this year's goals!