Saturday, January 14, 2023

Masonic Monday: The Waner's

 This is the last of the baseball related Masonic posts until I find the tub with the other handful (maybe a 10 or so) others. I will still be posting Masonic Mondays they will just be non baseball (until I get the others) historic and interesting people. I was going to start those folks off with the President's that were Masons, but with President's day coming on Monday Feb. 20th, I will wait until then to kick off that run of a dozen or so. Rest assured there will be some interesting reads on Mondays.

That wraps up the baseball portion for a while (I really do have several more.... just have to find them). See ya next Monday with someone who knows a thing about reading and um writing.

The winner Friday night was: Diamond Jesters


  1. Never knew that Paul Waner's middle name was Glee. I wonder how that came about.

  2. Big/Little Poison ... one of the best baseball nicknames of All-Time.

    1. Those are great! A lot more creative than most modern nicknames

  3. Reading and writing? Maybe an author?

  4. Totally agree with Sharp...awesome nicknames

  5. It'll be interesting to see the non-athletes that were covered.