Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Stumbling across a lot of stuff. Plus the almost daily contest/giveaway/free baseball cards.

 The winner last night was: John Sharp

Now before I get going or should I say you clicking on the link below to a post I did NINE years ago. I want you to read that post and then tell me if you would like to see the entire set scanned. It is/was a Music post.

Post from 2014 

It is MUSIC related. So in the comments here let me know if you would like to see the complete set. Majority rules. So we'll see after all I did scan quite a few of them in that original post.


2/10/2014 POST

I definitely recognize a few of those names. Anyways, I had gotten these cards awhile back and never looked at them before last night. Back in the 80s music was a big part of being a teenager or slightly older young adult. As it is now too, I assume. Some of my friends liked the drummers, some liked the guitarist, and some the vocalists. So I scanned some of each to show you in case you were one of those people who preferred one over the other.

The front men so to speak.

The guys in the middle and top right corner are the Moody Blues guys. That is their only cards in the set, so I put them in here.

That is a really cool AC/DC card. Seeing that David Coverdale cards reminds me of I think their first video, HOT girl on the hood of that card, Wow, great memory.

The card backs have bio and stat like info on them, I probably should have scanned one.




On other sets, I found some that I can not post. Seems like every card produced by Play Boy, Hustler, Penthouse, and many others. Lots & lots of the naked ladies. Even found the unopened wax boxes, sets (including the Pamela Anderson set), thousands and thousands of them. They came from that dealer buyout I did back in 2015. I forgot just how many of those things there were. I found just about every Star Trek trading card set too with plenty of extra sets. Funny thing is I haven't even touched the dozen or two monster boxes of the non sport stuff yet.


  1. When I click the link, it takes me to my blogger editing page. Not sure what I may be doing wrong. But I would be interested in seeing the music set, so count me in.

  2. Your link is not working for me - reverts me to my own posts

  3. Here's the original post:

    Yes, more scans!

  4. Back in the late 90's, I worked at a card shop. One of my co-workers had a sealed case of these RockCards. Pretty sure he's still sitting on it. I'm truly jealous of the inventory you have. I mean... I don't have the space for that kind of collection, but I think it's so cool that you have so many things you can chill out and flip through when you're bored. Hope you show off more of these non-sport sets.

    By the way... this is going to sound like a weird question... but do you have any singles from the 1997 Playboy Centerfold Collection (September) set? There's are 3 cards from that set I'd like for my birthday pc. I'd be willing to buy them off of you.

  5. Emphatic yes on these. If I was into nonsports collecting I'd definitely be wanting that Iommi. Probably the Iron Maiden too, though I imagine there are better cards of them.

  6. Awesome set!

    Matt-Cards Over Coffee

  7. It's probably a good thing that you're not taking votes on the nudie sets :)

    The Brockum set has been covered quite a bit on the blogs, but if you're wanting to scan all of it, don't let us stop you.

  8. Lots of hair in those photos. Each one of those bands had at least one song I liked. Maybe more, but I'm not sure of that.

  9. I tried the link and it brought me to the list of Blogger posts. Anyway I found it and I say post more! I was huge into those Star Trek sets back in the 90s and 2000s

  10. Yeah, did you say Star Trek?

    1. I certainly did, just about every card set they made (pre-2000's) and maybe even a set or two after. Lots of them.

  11. Music cards are always fun - I vote yes!

  12. They don't make band logos like the used to.