Friday, January 27, 2023

The other HALF (ComC Cyber Monday)

 The winner last night was: David, please email me your address.

Now let's finish up that long overdue post. I did the Braves portion last night so tonight we get the set build portion which I explained last night would be something I wait until it is complete except for Chronicles stuff. After I blasted them the other day on the 2022 product, it is deserving to give the non 2022's I picked up their due. So much better quality. So much!

2018 (I think) Spectra, so much better. Yes, I did want them to not be as thick (maybe half). But not like what they did this year, it's like a Bowman Chrome thickness. 

The two Gypsy Queen mini's are rookie image variation and are for my PC's. Then some Obsidian, also thick.

More thick cards from other years, 2021 I believe. 

Have a great weekend. I plan on going to a local card show tomorrow, yea me. 20 minute drive instead of hours, so looking forward to it. I just hope prices are right.


  1. Hope you find some cool stuff at the show.

    Good job! 👍

  2. Reggie really stands out amid all the modern guys.

  3. Enjoy! ... I like the Obsidian cards. They're thicker but not enough so it's a pain to page them.

  4. Hope you find good stuff at Fred’s table.

    1. Jax, is next week. tomorrow is the villages, 20 minute drive

  5. Enjoy the show! Have a great weekend all.

  6. Agree with Greg, thicker but can still fit the Obsidians in a standard page

  7. Obsidian are pretty good looking. Thick cards are starting to annoy me because I store my cards in top loaders, and finding thicker ones is a pain.

  8. Hope you find some cool stuff at the card show today!

  9. Panini Chronicles is usually good for an interesting batch of cards. Hope the show went well!