Thursday, January 12, 2023

A little of this and a little of that and the almost daily FREE baseball cards giveaway!

 The winner last night was Crocodile (need your address).

Basically this is an update on my progress at home. During the clean up rather re-arranging the stored "stuff" in my bedroom I stumbled onto obviously previously posted cards. I'm speaking about non sports cards. At least I believe I previously posted them. The thing is they were in an old series 2 wax box of ALF. Loved that show as a kid. Inside the box were many unopened packs of ALF along with several of the 10 card plastic cases with different sets or partial sets in them. Now after checking the Batman, I did post these specific cards several years ago. What I have to do now is set them to the side because I apparently have obtained many more cards from each of these sets at different times over the last 7 years (my time in GA). I now have these little plastic boxes all over the place and will have to consolidate them as I come to them. Tonight I give some of them (again I think). But the good news is that I am finding my way slowly but surely to cards. Now in BIGGER news, I have decided NOT to do the addition to my home. I will instead build a storage shed for tools, mower, and misc. stuff and convert my garage to my card room/man-cave temporarily. At some point the garage is going to be strictly a man cave. The cards will be back inside my home whether it is an addition or how I originally had planned it. I really don't foresee my daughter living here forever, and I did raise my girls to be independent women. It may take a year or two, but I can see the writing on the walls, she will be wanting her own place down the road. While I was gone she got used to do what she wanted or how she wanted, but now that I am home  eh things got to go my way. I am being considerate with some things, but bottom line it is my house and our home. Two different things. Wow, that was a lot to unpack.

I have to consolidate about four things of Batman as I find them.

Mrs. Kotter way too hot for Gabe. LOL. 

That last card is actually card number 1 (I did them backwards). Looks like John was practicing for Saturday Night Fever.

Stickers yeah! Charlie's Angels even a bigger yeah! My teenage years were an awesome time growing up. 

Okay, I got lazy here. I scanned just 1 card each except for the KISS. I also wanted to do a different Dukes card, one that clearly shows how Daisy Duke shorts came to be, but alas it was a vertical card.

I pulled one more plastic case out of that wax box, but it was not a 10 card case. More like a hundred card case. I'll post some of them tomorrow. Not all of them, but some. It is a set from 1964.


  1. I think the only non-sport cards I have are from Nintendo Power magazine.

  2. Batman cards are so cool, wish I'd gotten s9me as a kid.

    Good Job! ✌️

  3. Love seeing those old batman cards. I miss the days when he wasn't such a brooding dark superhero...

  4. Fun cards! Dipping into nonsport is tempting but I've been able to resist.

    1964 - Beatles?

  5. Really fun stuff. I never saw any of that kind of cards for sale when I was a kid. Or maybe I only had eyes for baseball cards, who knows.

  6. My teenage years were an awesome time growing up, too! Hmm, we must've grown up at the same time! ... I've got exactly one Kotter card and one Charlie's Angels sticker, to represent each set. I've got to limit things somewhere.

  7. Not much into the non-sport cards myself. I gave away most of what I had to others who could appreciate them. The few I had left are up for trade. For me as a Dad with Special Needs adult children, family is priority one.

  8. Love those 1960s Batman cards. I got a couple for my kids since they were both Batman obsessives and preferred the 1960s version.

  9. I wish there were non sport cards more widely available these days. Great Batman and Kotter cards!

    1. I most certainly have plenty of non sports sets, probably enough to set up shop, lol.

  10. I tried to like Welcome Back, Kotter when I was kid, but couldn't ever get into it.

  11. Big fan of vintage non-sport issues. I'm so jealous about those unopened packs of ALF. That's a fantastic find. Congratulations.