Thursday, January 19, 2023

1991 Brockum RockCards. Plus the almost daily FREE Giveaway.

 The winner last night was: Bo

Now on to the Rock Cards. Growing up in the 70's & 80's was awesome. My music taste was varied even way back then. 

These first three scans are stickers.

Out of scan 1: I would say AC/DC and Motley Crue are the only ones that I listened to. That's not to say I did hear the others on the radio. But I owned cassette or 8 tracks of the other two.  Hits like Smokin in the Boys room, Home Sweet Home, and a bunch from AC/DC like Back in Black, Hell's Bells, Dirty Deeds, Highway to Hell, and You shook me all night long come to mind.

Not much different here.

Or here either. Now that Tommy Lee is a long way from his acting days as Zack & Cody's dad.

One thing I noticed about this set is the lack of Led Zeppelen cards. Now that was one hell of a rock band. 

Another Ace Frehley card. KISS was another band I listened to alot. Had every album. Wish I still did.

Poison had my hear for awhile. Hits like Every Rose has it's thorn, Talk dirty to me, Something to believe in, and Nothing but a good time.

The one & only missing card #97. It would be Iggy Pop.

Seeing the David Lee Roth card brings Van Halen to mind.

A couple of hits pop into my mind with WhiteSnake like Here I go again, and Is this love. What really pops into mind are the videos, like the hood of the card, and I'm not talking about the car itself either, lol.

Bon Jovi was another that had my ears for awhile. Wanted dead or alive, You give love a bad name, and Living on a prayer.

Black Sabbath I remember just not their songs. I think what stands out the most was when Ozzy got kicked out of the band. 

Pink Floyd: Another brick in the wall and Money come to mind.

There you go, as promised. 


  1. The stickers are the best, but they are all fun. I would have turned up my nose at these as a kid. Sports cards or nothing. But I'd take a big batch of these all day now.

  2. Where did Iggy go? Send him for an autograph and never got him back perhaps?

  3. Never was much of a metal head, but AC/DC and Van Halen will always be favorites.

    1. As you can tell from the post. I didn't follow many of them myself. The headbanging stuff just never appealed to me. The songs I listed I did like.

  4. The stickers were great, but the band logo holograms will always be my favorite part of this set.

  5. I miss the 80s rock! Well... I do and I don't. There was a lot of good stuff and a lot of bad. Some classics on those cards though!

  6. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that I just put aside an Iggy Pop for you.

    I just need to get an address for you.

  7. "..I wanna Rock 'n Roll all night, and parry every day "

    Good Job! 👍

  8. Those stickers are great, and now I am curious about what those holograms look like. (Looked them up - looks like Upper Deck baseball stickers. Yeah, they look cool.)

    Seems they had the rights to some bands but not others, which is inevitable I guess. Megadeth but not Metallica, Sabbath but not Ozzy or Dio, etc.

  9. Similar taste in music for me. I liked a few of the songs from most of those bands. Huge heads of hair!

  10. Lots of fun stuff! Someone in that company really liked Cinderella...

  11. Never been a metal person at all. But the cards I would still collect lol.

    We also need hair back like this again. Of course I would love to have any hair back at this point.


  12. All that hair! Hope that Iggy returns to the collection soon, and thanks for showing the cards off!

  13. I'd say my favorite groups in this set would be AC/DC and Anthrax... but I also like some Black Sabbath, Yes, and Pink Floyd songs. Most of the other bands I either not familiar with... or wasn't a big fan of.