Friday, January 20, 2023

The next cards that came and the FREE baseball cards too.

 The winner last night was: Jon

Now the next batch of cards came (after the cards that came on Sunday), was an order from Ebay and an order from Card Barrel), and get this they came on Monday which was MLK day. At first it didn't dawn on me that it was MLK day. I seen the not the new regular mail carrier pull into the cul de sac, made the round put mail (the two packages) in my box, but left the outgoing envelopes that I had sitting in the box with the flag up. I was pissed about that. Then in the evening I realized that it was MLK day. But still I didn't understand why deliver mail if you ain't picking any up. Oh well, I got over and was thankful for my 2 packages one of which you are about to see.

From 2Bros (Ebay seller). When I first starting buying from them shipping was always a dollar, no matter how many cards you bought. They do the BIN stuff with a 45% discount on 25+ cards. When Covid hit, they went to 1.50. I was okay that jump in shipping costs. However, that extra .50 made a difference in how often I bought because the cheapest cards they list are .99. Basically with the discount that means .55 for most of what I get not all but most. Now, they are $5.00 for shipping, so it will not be often that I buy from them, because the other outlets have the cards cheaper.

2022 Panini Capstone, my first cards of that brand.

Capstone inserts.

Top row are my first 2022 Optic cards (the Braves portion in case you haven't figured that out yet). The next 5 cards are my first 2022 Chronicles cards. The last card is just awesome. I needed that for my Braves team and the set build. I have the other sitting in my SL box now.

Finishing it up with Prizm inserts.  I bought 28 cards this time, but I only see 27 above, and I don't remember what the other card was. Will do the Card Barrel cards next week. Have a great and safe weekend.


  1. What's going on with that Ian Anderson card? I assumed that was some kind of celebrity or maybe an announcer, certainly not a ballplayer.

  2. Those Capstone cards are kind of cool.
    I was hoping to find Optic on shelves near me, but nothing this year.

  3. Those Capstones aren't half bad!

  4. I like the Stadium card of Anderson. It has some character to it. Have a great weekend all!

  5. I hadn’t seen the capstones until now. Not too shabby. It looks like zenith the ones with the baseball in the background


  6. Wow Panini keeps churning out the brands. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. It's still weird to see Matt Olson not wearing Green & Gold... but not as weird as Anderson wearing that leather hat.

  8. Never heard of these, but Big Bang looks like a cool insert!

  9. I am digging Ian Anderson's hat!

    1. definitely getting a 3rd one for my Wacky/Interesting card binder.