Monday, August 2, 2021

What's on tap?

 Not really a draft (beer) kind of guy myself. I prefer it bottled up. Just tastes better, and guess what it has nothing to do with tonight's post. LOL.

Tonight is a catch all post.


These vintage came from Bo (I still have to put a return together for him). I'll have to upgrade the rookies, but not an issue for now.

One of three Ebay grabs. 2021 Throwback Thursday.

The Ozuna is one of those I have to have because he is Brave. The 51' Blake Jamieson Maddux was a good add. Both from Ebay.

These two came from an OCTer. The Maddux here is a CME 1996 Pro Magnet promo. It too will need to be replaced.

That's all folks. Showing my 2021 Gypsy Queen Braves tomorrow.


  1. Draft beer should taste better if the taps are being maintained properly.

  2. Love the draft. ... Don't know about that Jamieson representation of Maddux, and I usually like his work.

  3. I know I can always find a home for extra '67s between you and Night Owl.

  4. I'm not a draft guy either, it's just cans and bottles for me.

  5. Oh man... that Maddux is interesting. It'd be interesting to hear what he thought about Jamieson's artwork. Love the design of that throwback set though.