Monday, August 30, 2021

I fell for it....

 Topps has a new gimmick and I fell for it. It is very enticing. It is not online, well it can be. But Friday I had to go to Wally World, and low and behold. An entire case 8 factory sets of 2021. They also had about 6/8 boxes of A&G. The factory sets had/s the normal enticement of the 5 rookie image variations. This year they added 5 of the factory foilboard cards. Yet, the big enticements......

ONE in THREE sets are complete parallel SETS! That's enticing. This means you have a chance at a complete 660 card 1/1 of set, it even says so on the box. I completed the set already ....twice over and still have apx. 1/3 of another set that I hadn't traded away, yet I could NOT resist. I fell for it.

Initially I grabbed the first box and then put it back and grabbed the 2nd box. Not a parallel set. UGH!

Here are the foils and variations.

Okay, I got Pache and Adell, Bohm, Bart.

Nothing spectacular here.  Oh well, it was a big temptation that I couldn't walk by. In fact, I went back today to see if there were any left. There was still 6 factory sets and 2 A&G. I grabbed 3 more sets and both blasters of A&G. We'll follow up on those when I am done with the card show stuff.


  1. You bought 4 factory sets? Wowza. Hope one of them is a full parallel set.

  2. Hopefully you can still make some of your money back selling the complete sets that aren't parallels.

  3. Good luck! No way I could give that a shot.