Monday, August 9, 2021


 I had a good day at the card show this past Saturday. I won't be able to attend next month, so I'll have to spread this haul out all month. By then, I should have a Sportlots order in to cover next month. To start off I had the part-time helper (the main and only help I have) come in at 5:30 am so that I could be at the show before it started. That is a MAJOR plus because I can hit up my buddy Fred before his great deals are gone. I'll be showing Fred's table gets this week......all week.

It was National baseball card day, and here are my freebies. The Acuna was great for me plus the Vlad and Votto are PC guys.


I snagged a few Stadium Club singles for the PC from Fred. There are more from another seller too.

The top two were for the set build. Grabbed Croneworth for the RC boxes.

More cards for the PC binders, and yes that is a 2nd Dalbec.

How about a serial numbered Braves autograph card from this year's Museum? 

This scan was supposed to be before the auto card. As you can see some nice Museum cards for my Braves. Numbered paralleled Hank Aaron, parallel Acuna and a pair of Canvas Collection with the bubble gum blowing Acuna and the Freeman. Pache DK Debut and a pair of Gypsy Queen parallels. (black & white, and chrome).
This is a great stopping point for today. When I am done with Fred's cards I will be asking for ya'll to guess what he charged me. This will include the Wacky Wednesday post this week that will be showing some VINTAGE items from Topps Wackys. So, if I am correct all 5 posts this week will be from Fred.....stay tuned. I may reward the first to guess correctly.


  1. The Stanton homer and the bubble gum Acuna are my favorites here.

  2. I don;'t have that Stadium Club Stanton yet. Cool card!

  3. I keep seeing people showing off that Stadium Club Kyle Lewis card. It's fantastic.

  4. That Winfield card is great. A signing so filled with promise. Had a great Yankee career, just wish it had played out better for both sides.

    I also like that card with the Red Sox guy in the cart. I guess from your caption his name is Dalbec, I'm not going to get my magnifying glass out to read the name.