Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Fred part two

 Tonight is all Mike Trout.

I am sure I already have a few of these. It has been about year or so since I pulled a lot of Trout at this show. 

Don't forget to keep a tally for the week run of Fred's cards.


  1. If you don't factor in complete sets... I think you have more Trouts in this post than I have sitting in my collection.

  2. Trout just turned 30 and has started getting hurt a lot. If he doesn't go back to 150 games a year he probably won't break any major records. And if he stays on the Angels he won't have much chance for postseason success in all likelihood. (He has one career postseason hit; also "just" 800 RBIs which is an indication of how bad his teams have been.) A HOFer for sure, but his career is looking more like it will be Mickey Mantle minus October, rather than a clean Barry Bonds.

  3. Never seen that two-card Trout before. Are those stickers?

    1. They are from the sticker set, but they maybe card backs, I'm not sure.

    2. Was about to ask about those as well. A shame Topps is only doing hat in the stickers. I'd love to see more puzzle cards in Big League or Opening Day.