Thursday, August 19, 2021

Kyle cards: part 2

 More .50 cent cards.

Lots of color here.

and here too.

and here.

and here.

Refractor shiny.

Silver pack MOJO going on now.

Went a little sideways here.

I needed those two Jackie cards for the set build.


  1. Stadium Club Ozzie is my fave, but it's cropped just a little too tightly.

  2. Plenty of great cards. The Kirby Pucket is my favorite.

  3. Shiny indeed! I could live without the Panini, but still an impressive haul!

  4. So with Diamond Kings they're barely bothering with art now? Those look like photographs slightly filtered by photoshop. What would Dick Perez think? I think they look as silly as that card of Pujols in his pajamas.

    Some real nice cards in that last photo. Jeter, Mattingly, Ted, the Jackies . . .