Tuesday, August 17, 2021

More from the card show

 Moving on from Fred's table, and onto Kyle's.

Kyle's boxes are always dollar boxes. I pulled a slew banking on a good deal. The Markakis that is flipped over is a holo back.

I'll be posting cards from this table all week (other than tomorrow's Wacky Wednesday post).

I wound up paying 50 cents each for these cards. Normally I get them for a bit cheaper.

I needed these for the set build.

Can't pass up on cheap high end cards.

Plenty of parallels too.


  1. I like that '72 Snell reboot. Winfield as a Padre is always fun.

  2. That Kiner image is one of the very best from the 2012 Cooperstown set.

  3. Terrell Wade must have signed thousands of those Best cards, because I know I owned at least a few in my lifetime... plus I see them at card shows all the time.

    And like TLC... I always enjoy seeing Signature Rookies autographs in a post. I remember busting open boxes of that stuff.