Friday, August 6, 2021

$135.00 for a 1953 Mickey Mantle??????

 I got a little too excited when I was wheeling and dealing with an Ebay seller recently. A lot of scans in this post, be patient. I'm sure I paid way too much. 


To start things off, the box is labeled on the front bottom left corner as 1968. Some lists count this as the 1969 Cadaco-Ellis All Star game. But it is the 68' standard version. They released two different sets that year. With that said, the pics above show the box lid, game board and stand up along with all 4 of the plastic pegs and the scoring sheet. That is all that I got from the 1968 game. No discs. (for now).

The following are from 1988 complete set of discs. (62)

Basically three different styles of discs in the above set. 

Now I know that everything above might be worth $20.00-30.00. I am actually high bidder on an actual complete 1968 set, box and discs everything for $20 plus shipping right now. With that said this is what I was really paying for.

A complete set minus Sam Maglie of 1953 Cadaco discs. You can see the Mickey Mantle on top there.

Yeah, I probably overpaid for these. I blame it on the crazy hobby we're in right now. I did also get 3 of the wooden pegs to go with the 53' set. 

Not your everyday baseball cards (I know they are discs and not cards).


  1. Man, you collect stuff I never even think of collecting.

  2. I remember having the discs (the 80's ones) and the game board looks familiar but I don't remember ever playing it and I know I would have had I had it. I would have kept stats and everything because I used to do that with dice.

  3. Not that Mantle I thought I was going to see, but still a very cool pick up!

  4. I wasn't familiar with this game at all, but watched a short video on YT, and now I want one! It looks terribly fun. It's too bad everybody is so spread out, otherwise we could have ourselves a hell of a blogger game night :)

    As for the price, I don't know if it was good or bad from a collecting standpoint, but if it was worth it to you, I'd say it was good then.

  5. I'm not an expert on these discs... so have no idea if $135 is considered high or low. But they are different. And if you're happy with the set, then that's all that matters. I have no problem paying top dollar for something I really, really want.