Friday, August 27, 2021

Back to some card show cards.

 One more vendor/seller/buddy to post on. It will take several posts.

There will be two posts on the quarter cards. Yes, these vintage were .25.

As were these, and I will add that the checklists are unmarked NEEDS. Everything I got from Daryl was a need. I used my book.

I couldn't believe what I was pulling from his .50 box (I paid a quarter). Some were in the penny sleeves you see there. also noting the high number vintage too.

I couldn't pass on the extra Dickey either. Not for a quarter.

Wasn't leaving those Hygrades in the box either.

More modern.

Current cards too.

High end too.

This is a good stopping point for today. I'll finish the quarter cards up on Monday, and then hit the rest from Daryl throughout next week.


  1. Those 1961 Golden Press singles for a quarter were a great deal. I would have snatched all of them up.

  2. The '73 Marichal wins it.

    You sure do get a lot of good deals.

  3. Really nice deal for a quarter a card, considering the high numbers.
    As a kid I got most of the Nestle cards. Guess I ate a lot of chocolate bars. I had those three on the bottom but I'd never seen the Clemente before - great card.