Monday, August 2, 2021

2021 Gypsy Queen Braves and then some

 Okay, maybe just a in three non Gypsy Queen.

My base team set is complete. There are 4 variations: Dansby Swanson #124 Masked up, and a black parallel of same. Then the Jackie Robinson Day Acuna #277 also with a black parallel. No hopes of obtaining the black parallels, they are 1/1's.

Now for the other three cards I snagged up on Card Barrel.

I may actually already have the Pache.

I did a piss poor job on the bottom crop on these three cards, oops.

I'll be back tomorrow night with some Wacky (my interesting) baseball cards.


  1. Zero to Sixty should be for base stealers.

  2. Didn't really know GQ was released...thanks for showing them off!

  3. Nice. Looks like you've started an official "mix it up" PC with that Ozuna GQ and Freeman 0 to 60. How many other players in your Braves collection are featured doing the home run celebration?