Thursday, August 26, 2021

Night owl sends a bunch

 Greg (NO) sent me a package last week. 


Greg included a note saying hopefully I didn't pick these up at the last card show. I didn't, but most of the TSC and DK Debut cards were sitting in my SportLots box. Still yet good news, as many of those in the SL box are RC or PC guys, so the will be okay. He threw in a couple of Hostess too.

He even knocked out a few OPC set build needs and look.....a vintage Bowman!

These two are 80's Fleer stickers (the backs) reminiscent of the Laughlin World Series sets. I don't know what year they are from as the stickers I use to help identify them have been removed from the other side. Thanks Greg. I'll get some Dodgers out to you soon.


  1. The '80s Fleer stickers are from 1980, I believe, if my memories of buying them at the deli store back then are right.

  2. That Aaron up top is kind of creepy looking. Topps' colorization fail made him look like a wax statue.