Sunday, August 22, 2021

Trade package

 This one comes from fellow OCTer Len.

Len needed a slew of 2021 Topps Series 2. I sent him 88 cards he needed.

Len loaded me up with some 2015 Stadium Club needs (he has more coming too), and sent a few vintage needs. I will need to upgrade the checklist and Gibbs. Len is also sending me some 2014 Stadium Club needs. He also sent a stack of 2007 Upper Deck

I still have two more "sections" from the card show to post about later in the week, but I need to get some trades posted.


  1. Was DiMaggio dyslexic?

    Anyway, Oakland Reggie and Brett are sweet cards. But Banks wins it.

  2. Okay. So 44 was the old record. Then he got 45 and kept going to 56.

  3. That Brett is really cool. I hadn't seen it before, and even though I don't collect him, I now kind of want one.