Monday, November 13, 2017

Phase 2 trip cards canceled sort of...... read on.

Looking at the scans for the "extras" same number of scans, looks like the same pics from the previous run. I am confused as to how this happened.

Or maybe it could be that I've scanned these cards at least 3x, and they all look the same, but either way, I think the scans are the same so I am just going to show this one scan and call it a day. I have about 75 cards sitting in the stack of "extras" so I know it can't be right. I plan on sending the winner some cards from those 75. So get your comment in, this is the last post from that horrendous trip. Now for extra fun (separate contest):  Whoever guesses the correct amount of what I spent on the "trip cards" rather the closest without going over wins some cards too. Keep in mind The non super star doubles I never posted and there were a lot. I will leave that contest open til "post-time" Wednesday night.

Good morning all!