Saturday, November 25, 2017

Recent pick ups

Recently I ordered some cards from here and there. tonight I will highlight a few from Just Commons, but before I do I want to shout out to Tom from Angels in Order who sent me some set build needs that I've already checked off and put in the box with the other set build needs that will one day make it to Ocala and placed with the hundreds of other boxes awaiting to put in their proper day...... Tom, Thanks for the care package.

These are all supposed to be base cards, with all of the different parallel colors why wouldn't these be the same color?  No clue here. But the base Fire Braves team set is done.

Grabbed up all of the Braves 52 reprint cards except for four cards (#'s 33 Spahn, 289 Holmes, 302 Surkont, and 407 Eddie Mathews).  JC didn't have the Holmes, and the other 3 were more than I wanted to pay especially Spahn and Mathews.  In all I grabbed 138 cards most of which were the Update cards I needed.

I guess I had an urge to get the reprints after landing my first few original Braves 52's (2 of which came from Matt over at BWTP). It is nice seeing those Braves all together like that.


  1. Love that Earl Torgeson card - great facial expression.

  2. I've often been tempted to buy some of those '52 reprints on Just Commons, but the guys I want are just a bit higher than I'd like to pay.

    1. I know what you mean, I had to lay off the Spahn and Mathews ,pricey.