Monday, November 6, 2017

1979 Topps trip cards

Hey folks, made it back from Jax. I did pretty good and I'm looking forward to showing off "some" of the cards. SOME, get it SOME. Anyways, you're not here tonight for that mumbling so let's get to the 79's.

Not the greatest of condition, and I usually prefer my 79's to be NM.

Seeing that Monday All Star reminds me that I need his AS trophy cup card.

That's the set build round up, next we'll have the "extras" that went into my  PC's, Cup cards, etc.....


  1. Always appreciate a Wockenfuss appearance.

  2. When stolen base leaders were MEN!

  3. I try to refrain from complimenting a NY Yankees card... but that Gossage is fantastic. That has to be one of his finest base cards.

  4. surprised to see you needed so many commons from this set

    1. My Topps set build want lists are filled with commons. Slowly, but surely.