Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happy Veterans Day!

I am using the cards in the folder I have already. I haven't sorted and scanned the monster box or two I have been building up over the last two years. One day I will get to them.

Well, I have removed the NFL players so here are some baseball players that share their birthday with Veterans Day.

Happy birthday boys, and Happy Veterans Day to all Veterans, thank you!

Will do part 2 of yesterday's post tomorrow.


  1. Happy birthday and happy Veteran's Day!

  2. Happy Birthday! That's pretty cool that you share your birthday with a holiday. My birthday always falls around Labor Day, but that's not nearly as awesome as Veteran's Day.

  3. It's not my birthday (that was in Sept.) I do share with Mexican Independence day though.

    1. Lol. Oh. In that case... Happy Belated Birthday!