Saturday, November 18, 2017

November News

Okay, I've been "out of town" all week. Seems funny saying that as I went home. It was great being home, but another "mess" so to speak that I will not burden y'all with. I will randomize all those entries for the one contest and declare a winner in tomorrows' post. And the Winner for the closest without going over was...........Jon with 957.00 And yes even that was way low ( there were several Mantles in there). Remember this was a very bad trip.  Jon, send me a penny sleeve with your address in it, just kidding, and email will work.

Now I made a couple of great deals at the November Card Show in Jax, and I made a couple of bad ones.

Yeah, that's a lot of Judge and Bellinger including a variation of each... Those other 2 are also variations that are available.  I picked up 2/3 of Update set including those above and handful of inserts too for $25.00.  Obviously 1 of the good deals. I have since finished the update set. Finuto!

More card show goodies tomorrow.


  1. Update is out of hand. Even I don't want that many Bellingers from the same set.

    1. I'm not sure if if this is all of either of them.

    2. Topps is out of hand.
      There... fixed that for you.

  2. I won something... but I never win anything. Crazy! Thank you for holding the contest, email on it's way.

  3. So Bellinger has four different cards in Update with a RC logo? That's ridiculous!