Tuesday, November 21, 2017

No sense hiding them.

One of the BEST deals if not the best deal of the entire card show happened a good 3 hours into the show.

And happened by chance because I was way done hitting up my go to vendors and I didn't really feel like driving back to Valdosta yet.

So I was putzing along from table to table thumbing around.


I seen one of the regular dealers with some binders on the table with a handwritten sign .25 each.

Not the binders of course, but the cards inside. After perusing the first 4 and ehh, I realized the bottom one was opened up and was Kellogg's....All Kellogg's.

Yep, I grabbed the whole darn book and handed it to the dealer (whom I have purchased from in the past). He was shaking his head at me (with a grin). After all, they do know me pretty well, he said that's been my best seller all day long.

I asked how much for the whole binder. he quickly thumbed through counting the pages not looking at players and said $Give me $25.  DONE!

I wished I had been at that table first, so NONE would be missing.

Apparently it started with every complete set.

In case you haven't figured it out yet I am going backwards.

Notice how crisp these are.

I did remove the 81 set out before scanning as I recently posted about opening a sealed factory set.

These are almost as good of condition too.

Almost as good. LOL.

Yeah, still some big names and a lot of them too.

Lots of them.

Just look at these babies.

Without a doubt, my best deal of the day.

So yeah the early 70's were gone by the time I made my way to that table (3 hours late).

But can you believe UNcracked 70's Kellogg's for what turned out to be .085 cents a piece. I did throw a couple in my Braves team builds too and you've already seen them.


  1. Oh, for crying out loud, YOU'RE the one who buys that whole damn binder minutes before I show up!

    1. I regret not hitting that table at 9 am instead of 1 pm. Imagine the 1970's 71's etc....

  2. A binder full of Kellogg's for $25 qualifies for best card show purchase of the year.