Thursday, November 2, 2017

1976 Topps trip card

Getting close to the end of this run.

A few more big names knocked out.

Several names.

Love that gum stain on Yount.

I prefer cards to have complete stats like these, but I also love the cartoons. Give and take with cardboard.

High number Seaver.

Wrapping 76' up with a clean checklist from 1976 Traded! Now, I didn't find any 77's that I needed, so next up will be 1978 Topps.


  1. It's a solid set. Love the big smile on Papa Griffey.

  2. I like the design and photo on the Seaver record breaker card.

  3. Great cards here. I feel bad about the paper loss on the Yount, though.

  4. Always weird to me to see Reggie Smith with the Cards

  5. Damn that a big wad of chew that Carew is sporting' in his card. Don't think I noticed that before.

  6. The '76 Traded Checklist is a very underrated card, and yes a checklist can be underrated.