Friday, November 3, 2017

1978 Topps trip cards

We are up to 1978, just 79' to go, and then the Bowman, PC cards and other extras.

Yaz, and Rose. I wasn;'t able to add many NEEDS, this list is getting short. So is this post!

Have a great weekend! I plan to, as I am heading to Jacksonville early in the morning to catch that card show. Looking forward to bringing home some goodies. Tomorrow night I should wrap up the yearly run with the 79's, and then we can go on to the other stuff before ending the contest.


  1. Bobby Winkles is the new nickname I'm using for my friend Bob.

  2. GCRL sent me a signed copy of that Winkles card a while back. Don't remember him from my childhood... but after some research I learned that he coached Reggie Jackson at ASU.

  3. For me personally, 1977 is the last year I consider vintage. 1978 and more recent I do not.

    1. For me it's 1976. 77 was the transition from old to new. and the 78 set well you know.