Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Just having a little fun.

 Last night's winner was Night Owl. He's on a roll.

As promised yesterday, I am going to play around with this one particular Chronicles brand/set.

In the last scan yesterday there was a card from Clear Vision, but you really couldn't tell it was an acetate card. The same is for the set above: Clearly Donruss. It too is an acetate set, but you can't tell it from the scan. It shows a white border which is really not there. The white coloring comes from the top of my scanner.

This bothered me a lot. Even more than no logos which I can not do anything about. But, the backing I can. I had two spiral notebooks laying near me when scanning the cards. Right off I knew one was darker than the other. Those are the two scans above.

After those two I remembered there is a box of "scrapbooking" papers from my mom's stuff that I was going to donate and just haven't got around to that trip. I have made many of trips already, and just a few things left to take. The papers is just one box of what was 6 or 7 boxes of misc. colored or decorated paper.

Now I am having a little fun.

That particular gray looks pretty good as a border.

These polka dots reminded immediately of those gimmicky Gold Star sets that Topps has been doing the last few years. (Blue Stars and Orange Stars, etc).

This one definitely has a 70's vibe to it like Upper Deck Decades.

I could have done this all night as there must have been a hundred plus different designs/colors. But alas, I had my little bit of fun. Now to finish off the rest of this set that I got without any additional backing.

Alright, that was enough. I will move onto the next sets tomorrow with more new to me cards.


  1. That was brilliant! Maybe Fanatics can hire you so that we don't have to put up with all those Retro Topps designs on modern cards

  2. Woooo!

    I love doing stuff like this with acetate cards. You can pretend they have any number of different color borders. ... But then I wish they had those color borders.

  3. Fun idea. Looks like something Gavin would do.

  4. I was thinking those were all of the Parallels. Which ones are serial numbered? Nice twist to some nice cards. I even saw at least one TWINS player.

  5. Maybe that's how Panini made all their parallels haha

  6. Pretty sure that's exactly how Panini came up with some of their parallels 😂

  7. I'm not really a fan of this design but I like acetate cards and the backgrounds you added look fabulous.