Thursday, March 9, 2023

Friday, yep going to a card show tomorrow.

 The winner last night was:

Pinnacle and a new to me brand RECON. Those are sharp.

REVOLUTION. I got a lot of parallels of this one.

I miss the old style ROOKIES & STARS.

Yes, I scanned a couple more parallels by mistake. This time  I didn't have the base card though.

Closing the weekend out with TITAN. This set is totally bland except for the parallels which spice it up a bit.

Have a great weekend, be safe!


  1. Nice to see the old Pinnacle design. I like seeing throwback designs that aren't Topps.

  2. How many dadgum designs are in Chronicles?
    As always, have fun at the show and tell Fred hi. Hope you can haggle some good deals

    1. Fred is not working the show this weekend, but he is going to come and hang out with me.

  3. The Pinnacles might not be the shiniest 'brand' out of Chronicles, but I like how they are sort of inspired by the original release back in 1992.

  4. I miss the old Pinnacle designs. The Recon looks nice

  5. Yes. The Recon cards are sharp. They are busy looking, but not to the point they make your eyes cross. Have a great weekend!

  6. That Yadier Molina card is just right for the Catchers Card Binder.

    Good Job!👍

  7. Nice to see the old Pinnacle design. Wish they'd gotten the fonts right though.

  8. Those all look so good when scanned together on a page.

  9. Hope you found some cool stuff for your collection at the show.