Thursday, March 16, 2023

I did.... I did go to Jax and rambled my way through a card show.

 The winner last night was: SanJose Fuji

I won't make you wait any longer. I brought back a TON of cards from the show. No not 2000 lbs., but maybe 200 lbs. lol. I will be scanning for a very long time. I'll break it down for you.

I only seen one dime box dealer. He did offer me 5 monster boxes for $90.00. I didn't buy any of those whole boxes. I did dig through them and pull out about 150 cards, gave him $10.00. I will eventually show two posts of non baseball sets from those.

I did buy a .50 box well half of it. The other half was basketball and football, and I explained that I don't want those, then he said pull those out and he would let me have the baseball for what I offered. Pretty much the entire series 1 of 2023 Topps included, but I will only highlight the inserts and parallels cards from that set (tomorrow). I'm sure we've seen enough of the base cards already, besides you have to look at my Braves base tonight along with the other Braves goodies.

UGH! 5 horizontals. No worries on the missing Braves (or the missing set build needs), they are already en-route to me.

Two rainbow, 2 gold, and a gold foil. I also have the Maddux Aces coming too. Yes, I purposely scanned doubles of the Maddux/Glavine. One is for the PC's and both are PC guys. 

So there you have my Braves from that one box.

The other boxes (5) I brought home were all dollar boxes, no I didn't pay that of course. I worked those dollar cards down to less than a dime. I will show those off in the coming days/weeks and it will be a lot of posts. Just got to sort and scan them.

I did make a purchase that was not a dime or less.

I figured I get these while the getting was good.

Panini really pissed me off here. Rather an employee. Seriously how hard would it have been to square up that "E" even center it and lower it a bit. That would have looked SO MUCH BETTER.

Tomorrow I will finish up with that first box I bought. But in the coming posts sometime this month there is a lot of ODD BALL stuff, and some of it might just have some sort of writing on it. There is a lot of that stuff. 

On another note (or two): I made an error in the 1980 Topps Super description that Fuji sent me. It is according to TCDB listed as 1980 Topps Superstar Photos Gray back (again I have the white back version as well).

2) My shed/mini barn was delivered and set up, but there is a little hiccup or two. My yard is sloped intentionally for runoff so that when it rains the pooling is minimal. I also had a tremendous amount of land clearing and site prep recently and the ground is very soft. I was told when I contracted the deal that they would be setting it up and leveling up to 6". Well, one corner did/does need 6" and the front needs 4" on the down grade side. They shimmed with 2x4's but that ain't going to cut it in the soft dirt. As one corner settled quickly 2 inch the shed shifted a little bit. I am going to have to get five solid 4" concrete blocks/slabs. Two for the back corner and 1 for each of the runners on the down side (east). That means I have to get someone back out here with a tractor to "jack that side up" while I place the blocks. Not really a big issue, but it does prevent me from filling the shed up which I was planning to do today and be done with it. So, now I wait again. Makes me wish I had a small tractor with various attachments. Then again, after this fix is done really what would I do with a tractor? So I wait.... again.


  1. That 2023 Contreras card is SWEET!

    GOOD JOB! 👍

  2. Glad you don't have to deal with frost heaving or anything like that while setting up that shed!

  3. The shed stuff sounds like a major pain. Congrats on the 200 lbs of cards though!

  4. The Aces are neat cards. I understand the tractor scenario. My shed has settled over 15 years and could use some leveling. A tractor would make that much easier. We just got 6 more inches of snow today. Snowblower comes back out tomorrow.

  5. The ground is very hard where I live, and you still rarely see sheds that aren't on concrete blocks. I'm surprised to hear that anyone would even try to set one up there without them if the ground is as soft as you say.

  6. Dollar box down to a dime box - nice job!

  7. Looking forward to all the sweet purchases, congrats!

  8. Sorry to hear about the shed delay. I can totally understand wanting to get in there and filling it up... yet having to wait. Hope they solve the leveling issue soon.

    P.S. That SC Strider autograph is awesome! Was listening to a YT video on the way to work today and one of the gentleman predicted he'd win the Cy Young Award in 2023.

  9. Congrats on your purchases and good luck on leveling the shed.

  10. See I don't mind the horizontals when used sparingly, and I think the photography is great in 2023 this time around. Plus a lot of night shots, which Mr. Night Owl would appreciate.

    Nice haul as well. Sorting monster boxes is one of life's pure joys.