Friday, April 12, 2019


The post title says it all. Well, almost. last Saturday I went to the Jacksonville, FL card show. Two different dealers had a quarter box that I pretty much cleaned out. One had apx 2500 1969 Topps is Ex- EXNM condition, I went through my list and got what I needed, and regardless of the high number I snagged them too. The other vendor was a mix from the 60's with a few 70's. I again used my paper list to grab the cards I need, but also grabbing the extra high numbers. I mean come on.....25 cents a piece and the condition was pretty darn good.

I'll only highlight each year with a a couple of cards, to show the condition front and back, as well as the semi- high numbers. Starting with my birth year.


Even semi-stars like Reggie above. I grabbed close to 500 69's from that first dealer, and a thousand plus 60's cards in total.


Killer will have to be upgraded one day, but for now and for a quarter, this one works.

This one was a no-brainer.

High number, rookie, Yankees, vintage.  .25    You bet!

The early 60's were in great condition but good enough to not need upgrading anytime soon.

Now, I did already know I had some vintage trades in the works without knowing really what was coming. No worries, because if dupes arise they make for vintage trade bait.

However, I found out I had a HUGE boo boo going on. Apparently my last update on my 71's didn't take. The cards from the show wasn't a problem though, just from what was incoming. I didn't realize this until last night. I have since repaired it (the want list). A little too late for the cards below that came from a fellow OCTer.

Kekich is the only 1 I actually needed after fixing the 71' list.

And Bubba is the only one I still needed after the card show. I had grabbed those in Jax. in fact I grabbed a couple extra of those Cup cards, and have since traded them away after putting 1 with the cup, and 1 for the set build. Back to having another one.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Quite an impressive haul? Did you chase off any buyers while building your stack?

    1. No, I was the first customer and the last customer at the show.

  2. Nice find! 25¢ vintage is hard to pass up... especially when there are stars and hofers in there.

  3. Great pickups. I noticed when revising our trade that your '69 list had really shrunk.

  4. Solid purchases! It makes me wonder where the dealers got these, and how little they must've paid for them in order to turn a profit at only 25 cents each.

    1. read tonight's post, to see what I actually paid for them. The one dealer had bought out a collection over the winter and each show brings 1 year of vintage for his quarter boxes.