Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Not doing a trade day today.  The same football relics have been sitting there waiting for the last 4 weeks. I am stubborn and have just a bit of OCD, so I can not move forward until they are gone. I'll be heading to 2 card shows this month. The 2nd one will be Easter weekend and I will be taking those "unwanted relics" to my buddy Bob and trade them there. Afterwards I will pick up with the next group of relics. We'll see how those go.

Tonight I will be showing off the 2019's I have showed off yet. Or at least I don't think I have.

My Opening Day Braves.

Got to love the that Camargo card.

My Gypsy Queen Braves. These look really good this year.

My 2019 Diamond Kings, and like everyone has already stated the backs are lacking.

While we are looking at DK's.

I added some 98's that I needed along with the a 2002 ATDK of Gehrig. Making some headway on that GOAL.  Interesting point on the 1998's: The Griffey and Thomas are both card #20. Thomas is a sample DK.

Have a great night!


  1. It's mystifying how Panini is incapable of creating a proper card back.

  2. I love GQ this year! Colorful yes, but the shades of blue used - man! I love them! Albies and Swanson have great shots on OD.

  3. You saved this post with the 90's Gwynn ;)

  4. What is Camargo doing? And that Big Unit Diamond King looks pretty evil to me...more like Demon King.

  5. I wish you would have continued Tuesday's with autographs lol I would have continued to take those......Relics not so much only really want if I think I can get signed.. I'll be patient I'm not going anywhere.