Monday, April 29, 2019

Even closer to the Big Apple

More cards hitting from NY. This time from Oceanside and via Bo. We've been trading back and forth some vintage this year and last. But this time Bo popped in some needs from more modern cards. Well 90's to more modern.

Bo found some Braves team set needs for me.

But the bulk of what Bo delivered were set builds. He sent a lot of 1998 Score needs too (didn't scan) as well as a couple of singles for a few sets.  I'm pretty sure I goofed somewhere along the lines, because I know damn well I have that Alex Gonzalez "signing" card. I must of not checked the set build before putting it in the signing binder.  Oh, I know what happened...... I didn't have a set build list for SP back when I got that card.

I won't make that mistake with the Rod Beck card which so deserves a place in the Wacky folder. I will just have to get another one for that, this one goes to the set build.

Thanks Bo, I will get a return out soon.


  1. I bet Beck would have kicked some butt in the boxing ring.

  2. Looks like Rod Beck was getting ready to take care of some business!