Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Another No Trade Tuesday

Well, originally I planned to pick up with the Trading Relics today, but my trip back home last Saturday was altered. Rough week, I'm telling you. I did have to go home yesterday and come back. Plumbing problems back home and 1 of the girls helping with my Uncle Fred here up and quit no notice, just didn't show up no call or anything. I don't understand people like that, they are lower than dirt to me. I'd rather work with a murderer than someone like that.  You might think I'm kidding , but I'm not. Some people (sorry youngins') just don't have any respect for others. I know the weekend shift is tough on people, but then they shouldn't have taken the job to begin with. It is after all the weekend shift. That is 3 people (all under 33) this year that have done the same thing. Just didn't show up, its not hard work. Sit in a rocking chair (most of the time) for 12 hours, pays cash (a lot more than min. wage too) under the table.

Okay I'm done venting, let's look at some baseball cards I got in from fellow trader Bo.

Bo and did another vintage swap. I've highlighted a few cards from each year Bo sent.

An iconic card I've seen a dozen times on other blogs. Had no idea I needed it for my set build, now I don't.

Bo even managed to find a couple of 69's I still needed after the haul from the Jax. card show.

JR Richard rookie and 2 other stars made for nice additions to the 72 set build.

And closing out with a pair of 73 stars.  Love them Bo, thanks!



  1. Yep, that Valo card is terrific. And so is all the other vintage!

    I hear you on hired help. We've dealt with the same things with my mom. One of our workers has an arrest record. But she shows up and does a great job. People bicker about her because of that rep, but she is so much better than people who just don't show up, that kind of behavior is garbage. Same with people who don't show up for scheduled job interviews.

  2. ditto the Night Owl. Valo is on my radar! I also don't understand "no shows," esp when another person is dependent upon the hired caregiver. Make a &^#%&^$%$ phone call. You are a good guy, John!

  3. Sorry about the rough week. That's terrible that the young lady didn't contact or let anyone know she wasn't going to return. It's so rude and disrespectful. Sadly it gives that whole age group a bad reputation. My brother-in-law refuses to hire anyone younger than 35 unless he knows them on a personal level, because he's gotten burnt too many times.

  4. Great vintage stuff! Lou Brock swung so hard on that 1973 card that the background is crooked.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more about the girl not showing up. Since moving to TN I've had multiple people that were scheduled to do something, not show up, and not call to say that they weren't even gonna show up, which ticks me off to no end -- but to do that at a job where someone's well being is dependent on your being there, well, that's really low. And I hate to say it, but I wish nothing but bad things for a person like that.