Monday, April 15, 2019

2006 Upper Deck

I picked up apx. 200 of the 2006 Upper Deck cards from Daryl (the .25 vintage dealer with the really nice 69's). The 2006 were in the quarter box too. I just grabbed them. Turns out no dupes. Now, let's get the negatives out of the way.  Some do not like border-less cards. No biggie, the real nasty thing with this set it is 1250 cards deep. I hate that.  With that said these have a lot to desire.

Crisp clean shots.

Lots of "shadow" potential.

Bubble gum.

Miller's eyes have that look about them.

How about that for a wacky name.

Dodger Nomar in action.

4 wheeler and a duffle bag. Oh yeah a shadow too.

I bet if you checked this guys knuckles they'd have dirt on them.

High fives.

I'm here, look at me.

At the wall shots.

Throwbacks with shades.

Check out that chin dressing.

And for you horizontal lovers:

Wait I think the coach is telling me to bunt.

Plays at the plate.

Braves in the background.

Another great play at the plate shot.

Last but not least signing for some fans.

There are tons of great cards in this set. Almost too many as I need to build the set before I can add any of these to my mini collections which all of the cards above will fit into.

The three stacks closest in are the semi and high numbers.

Now for the real deal on these and the "quarter" vintage. The box they all came from were .25 boxes. I got apx 500 69's and the 200 Upper Decks for $50.00.  That's around .07 cent a piece. I can most certainly live that. The other dealer with the lesser conditioned 60's  and the Killebrew and Rose cards, about 400/500 in all were also $50.00. I was hoping for a lot less, but he wasn't budging.

See ya!


  1. Couldn't stand Milton Bradley... but that's one heck of an action shot!

  2. '06 UD is an underrated set. Some nice photography in there, and the upside to 1250 card is everyone gets a card. Lots of bit players and even the managers.

  3. D-backs were really all in on the purple back then. Thought that was a Rockies card I'd never seen before at first glance.