Saturday, April 13, 2019

Shadow Shots

Ahhhhhhh. A weekend that I am not driving 5-6 hours. The last 4 weeks had me putting in some butt time (the driving) kind. Not my favorite thing to do with my back. No where to go today. I am heading back home (Ocala) next Saturday for a card show and check in my daughter (Hunter) there. Sometime this summer I hope to make the journey way further south to Ft. Myers to see my daughter Christy (that's apx. 8 hours each way).

Let's stare at some shadows.

I see a television with legs.

I'll let you folks decide what this shadow is.

The typical dinosaur.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Totally see the dinosaur! The other two I drew a blank.

  2. I drove today for the first time in a couple months.. only 15 minutes each way to the card show, but still hated it! I don't envy anyone who has to drive several hours at a time.

    Pulsipher = rabbit running to the right

    1. I don't see the rabbit. lol. The closest I get is a raw chicken spread out getting ready to be cut up. lol.

  3. I say the Pulsipher is an Ostrich with one leg up