Friday, April 26, 2019

Cards from near the Big Apple

Ironically, yesterday morning I decided to start whittling down a few of those stacks accumulating around here. I made up a few blogger packages. One just happens to be heading to Watertown, NY. Low and behold, around 4:00 pm the mailman drops a couple of packages in the mailbox for me. Go figure Greg (NO) beat me to the punch.

I didn't even have these on my radar (want list).  They scream 80-90's but they are from 2002.

1975 Topps buybacks. 3 are from 2015 and 1 from 2013, which I really don't get why Topps promoted it's 75th year on baseball cards, especially when it also released it's baseball 50th anniversary buybacks that year too. I'll have to upgrade the Oates.

My first 150th parallel.

The Rainbow card on top, is so beautiful. You can't tell it from the scan, but man this card looks amazing in hand. That's just my 2nd Bowman Sterling Rookie Refractor Relic. I have the Minor as well.

Thanks Greg, I mailed you a package today.


  1. LOL. Watertown is about 9 hours away from NYC. Actually probably 10. I live an hour and 20 minutes north of NYC, Buffalo's 8 hours from me and Watertown is farther than that.

    1. That's true! I can get up NO's way in a day...Georgia not so much. Pesky speed limits.

  2. Yeah, I'm not anywhere near NYC but I get you.

    Thanks in advance for the package!

  3. The 2019 Topps team cards are beautiful. I might have to build a rainbow for the Oakland Coliseum card.