Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Another No Trade Tuesday

Finally, those 4 cards from ComC rather Dean's cards via ComC came in.

Both of these 1950 Bowman cards were graded 1.5 fair, why? Well look at the top star on the back, yeah I can live with that. Yes, 2 of the same card. 1 for the Braves and for the set build.

Another 52' Braves down.

Closing out with a 53'.


  1. love that Sibby - and the fat little package I opened last night! Thanks for thinking of me, John!!

  2. That 50B is gorgeous! Love that set.

    P.S. Thanks in advance for the care package. Haven't had the chance to open it... but hopefully I'll find some down time this weekend.

  3. Three cards, but three iconic sets! Very nice.

  4. Sibby Sisti! With a name like that, I don't know how it is that I've never heard of him before?

  5. 1950's cards really shouldn't be graded like modern cards are. It should be more like if it's a legit card and a generalized card condition. Nice pickups!